Leave this island before you can’t

I woke up yesterday with a huge explosion … , I would have been surprised if it was a thunderstorm .But it was something we are much used to a Bomb Blast or a rocket explosion.In 2011 only there have been more than 860 bomb blasts in Pakistan with more than 2000 injured..It has been 10 years a decade since 9/11..and this is how our lives have changed

This is how Quetta looked on

My earliest memory of 9/11 is..in October 2001 , i remember in the night BBC ran a new s that USA has planned an attack on Afghanistan , and next day there were protests..for one of the very first times in my city we saw mass protests , i remember the smoke!! and that’s what i have been seeing since than.

Quetta was called the “little london”

I remember correspondents from all over the world standing on roof top of Serena hotel,perhaps back then we had no idea how 9/11 will change our lives.Musharaf was a hero back than, the savior of the nation…we never knew that Boots and guns are not savior of anything or anyone…

My vocabulary improved though now i know what a B52 is..so does that old lady in my village, we know who president Bush was…both me and the old lady in my village.I know there is something called a Daisey cutter Bomb.

I never knew who Taliban were..I came to knew there is a guy called MUllah Omer, i remember people saying differnt things about them,Talbian were cruel no no, they were honest…some said. But yeh they did beat up women i remember a video

Rally Supporting Taliban-October 2001

Post 9/11 Quetta isnt much pretty there are Bombs, Rockets…Target Killings…Post 9/11 Quetta is my home..between extremists and hatred.Post 9/11 Quetta is just terror and fear.

Post 9/11 Quetta tells me its okay to kill someone if he dosent pray the way you do…It tells me that if you are weak its easy for the state to bomb you and make your youth disappear.It tells me if you open your mouth and demand justice your bullet riddled dead body will be thrown in a ditch.

Post 9/11 Quetta says, the strongest man of the strongest province will be killed by a religious fanatic on a road by his own gun man and people will throw petals at him.It says the only road to paradise ,to heaven, to glory is Bombs and guns …killing the non believers..it says you can find the worlds most wanted man in one of the most unexpected places…!!!

I have seen bodies of beloved ones soaked in blood not knowing who killed them..i have seen fear, and i have seen hatred. Life has changed …its not just the twin towers gone it’s..

All this leaves me to a Chuck Pahlunik novel...saying leave this island before you cant..


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