I am strong- I am a working woman in Balochistan

So no matter what you do ..  If you are a working women  people will always think you are an “available women”.

Where i live is a very good example of “it’s a men’s world” ..A tribal society, a male dominated society… where women are just wives, mothers or sisters and not people.. and where women are preffered to be “KEPT IN” and they are the so called “Honour”

Fortunately or unfortunately … or both i have  to work fortunately not for mere purpose of earning but for full filling my dreams and ambitions as well. My work has its own challenges.. long working hours, lot of information to keep up with  – reading and writing . proving my self  as i read somewhere

“Because I am a woman, I must make unusual efforts to succeed.  If I fail, no one will say, “She doesn’t have what it takes.”  They will say, “Women don’t have what it takes.” 

So i have to make unusual efforts.. work harder spend more time on work then my male colleagues, keep composed, focused and be professional . Every step I take is  like balancing yourself on a rope… because i am a women.

If i dress up…the men will assume i am very available

If i don’t dress up …man will still think i am very available

And then there is always that Gaze.. where you feel YOU ARE DOING Something WRONG …you have committed a sin and everyone have their eyes pinned on you

At times my opinion usually wouldn’t count until i pass ir on to a male colleague who will say the same thing.. get all approval ..n nods  n i would feel happy that atleast i know it was me… but then again sometimes i have to speak up and i am so right “THEY” have to accept that I AM RIGHT or i make sense..( but their big fat male egos rarely allow them)

The literacy in Balochistan (part of the world where i live) is lower than 30% – so i am one of those very lucky and very rare females who get to complete their education.

Narrowing down even more And believe it  or not they female employment is not more than 7% …( State Bank of Pakistan stated this in annual report 2006-07)

So I am a very rare specie already…

I deserve to be encouraged and treated with respect for that.

But No.. because I am a women…and i am out for work… I must be available for all men, look pretty and just make the “meetings” pleasant.

Because i am a women

That is me.. a mid-level manager..in a good organization. What about that school teacher?or that Nurse…or the girl who is a health worker? the domestic worker??  the farm labours or the ones who work at a bricklin what about them… what about all those women who have to come out of their homes,earn for their children ,for the medicines …for food..

they must go through worse ..being treated as objects- hopeless Yet brave fighting a battle everyday…yet never giving up.

they are my inspiration- yes they are

If only men realized… That they are more honourable when they share the burden, when they care for their families, when they dream.

They deserve to be encouraged , protected and treated with respect.

You SHOULD be actually dishonoured when your son goes and harass women who are walking on the street , at your workplace or working at home. 

I  am a women, I work.. I am still respectable ,I am still honourable and well I am better than you -because i work harder despite of the Gaze , despite of the comments , despite of the fact that you ignore my capabilities and my strengths . I am better because with courage, strength and dignity I  keeping going on…when you stand in my way in the name of honour or religion.. I still carry on .. I still dream


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