And i did not know about the World Day Against Child Labor

A Beggar Child from Nomadic Population Quetta Balochistan

For many little children begging on streets, working at bangle factories, working in workshops, street children collecting garbage at someone home or worse child sex workers today was just an ordinary day, just any other day where they had to wake up in the morning and go out of home to earn some living for the family not knowing that today the world celebrates a day against child labor. Not knowing a little boy who I see daily on my way to work must have grabbed his garbage bag to collect something useful that can be sold to the thaikadar, not knowing the young child who works at our home started the day with cleaning our kitchen, not knowing the little girl I always see on a food stop here in Quetta begging must have started her day. Somewhere in a famous five star hotel there must have been some seminar, somewhere in this conference room with expensive furniture there must have been statistics presented. But did I know today was a day against child labor…the answer is No. Answer is no… because like me today a very few of us not even that have thought about what will we do about it. How will we help these little children? What we will do to get them in schools? Help at least one child to live his childhood… Officially children make up about 7% of the total workforce. Ten million children in Pakistan are working as laborers according to the HRCP report for the year 2005. In 2003, UNICEF estimated that eight million children under the age of 14 were engaged as laborers, mostly in brick kiln factories, the carpet weaving industry, agriculture, small industries, and domestic services. And Mr. Khan and Mr XYZ …When you are out there on a protest against some religious sect, against something that happened somewhere else in the world do you take a look at children around you? No protest for them? No Dharna for them? Do you realize that these very same children are trapped? A suicide jacket is strapped on to them promising those candies and heavens. And to my Dear friend whom I asked why didn’t you tell me that today was International day against child labor and he said what you have got to do with this day. I have got to do everything with this day because this could have been one of my children working at briklane, making bangles, collecting garbage cleaning someone house …. And Alas I can only write…..


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